• About The Film:

  • Maskoun : A feature film based on true stories that have happened in the region about ghosts, demons, jinn and paranormal activity.

    The movie is a horror adventure film with very new styles in directing and film structure. This will be a revolution in film making for the region.

  • The film is starring Actor/Model/Mr Lebanon Wissam Hanna and Actress/International Super Model Leila Ben Khalifa.

    It is written and directed by Krystle Houiess Abdunnur and Sharif Abdunnur who are also starring in the film.

  • The film is a fully independent feature film with emphasis on Old School Cinema techniques and avoiding graphics and post production special effects. It is already destined for various International festivals and expected to win various awards in many categories.

  • The movie is being shot in English and Arabic because it is meant for an International Cinema Release as well as a Lebanese Release and Middle East Release.